The probability of a fifth round draft pick making it to the NHL is very remote.  Sometimes however, scouts can get the whole situation wrong from only a couple of viewings and miss out on a talented player simply because of lack of information.

In a game that was mostly about Nico Hischier and Will Butcher and a hat trick by Ryan Kujawinski, it was Marian Studenic of the Hamilton Bulldogs in the Ontario Hockey League who made a tremendous first impression.

Marian, that was some chemistry you had with Austin Cangelosi and Ryan Kujawinski tonight, what was it like playing with them?

They are great players, they are older and have a lot of experience and it was easy playing with them.

You were a fifth round pick this year out of Hamilton, a lot of people didn’t know about you, you made the game look easy, which a fifth rounder isn’t supposed to do. How were you able to do that?

My dad tells me every time, just skate because I am a good skater and I’m just using my ability to help me make plays, it makes the game enjoyable.

Last year was inconsistent for you in Hamilton.  If you have to go back this year, what do you have to improve on to help you each night?

I have to improve my defensive game.  I struggle with that a little bit and I have to gain some weight because I’m pretty skinny, but I really have to improve everything before I think about the next level.  But those two things I have to improve the most.

You were the catalyst on a couple of Kujawinski’s goals.  How were you able to make plays in such tight spaces?

The guys made it easy just by skating. I just tried to find open ice and get the puck to them.  It was a good game for all of us.  This won’t happen every game.

I guess people shouldn’t be too surprised that you’re a good hockey player.  I think guys named Marian from Slovakia are pretty good players?

Yeah, all Marians are good hockey players (laughs).  I think Gaborik and Hossa, I wanna be one day like those two guys.

Is that who you model your game after? Which one? Gaborik or Hossa?  Or offense like Gaborik and defense like Hossa?

Yes that would be good for me to be a mix of both of those players.  They are great players and I really look up to them.


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